Mutual exchanges

What is a mutual exchange?

A mutual exchange allows you to swap your home with another social-housing tenant.  However, you cannot swap into an empty property. We call our mutual exchange scheme DKO HomeSwap.

All tenants of our 100% DKO partners qualify to use the DKO HomeSwap Register. Our 100% DKO partners are: believe housing, Karbon Homes, Livin, and North Star Housing. Mutual exchanges are a quick way to move into a different Council or Housing Association property.

You can exchange your property with another Council or Housing Association tenant anywhere in the country; perhaps to be closer to family or friends, or nearer work, you are not restricted to the area you currently live in.

How do I apply for mutual exchange?

You can complete an application to join DKO HomeSwap online. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can contact your DKO partner landlord to ask for help or a paper form.

If you have already registered with DKO and have a reference number, you can login with these details online to create your own advert. If you haven’t registered previously, you will need to register.

You can read more about mutual exchange in our DKO HomeSwap User Guide, and print a paper form by viewing our Customer Documents.

Your property advert

Your advert will appear on the website for a period of at least 3 Months. If you have not found a suitable exchange during this time, then you will need to tell DKO that you want to continue to advertise for a swap.

You will be sent a reminder 7 days before your property advert is due to expire. If you want to continue to advertise your property for exchange then you need to tell us- if you do not contact us, your advert will expire and other customers will not be able to view your property.

What happens when you have found an exchange?

If you want to exchange, you and the tenant you want to exchange with must get written permission from your landlord(s) before you can move.

Some checks will be carried out before permission can be granted .Your landlord or your landlords agent may wish to inspect your property and make sure that both properties are suitable and in a good state of repair.

Please click here to view our frequently asked questions for Mutual Exchange.

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